Driving a truck is a pretty tough thing, which requires a high level of skills. To be able to park one the right away, and with outmost precision, even more (especially when we are talking about the parallel parking). But being able to do it in a way like this guy, that you are going to see in the video below, that really is something that deserves to be called `an ultimate display of truck driving skills`. As you could have read in the title, today we have prepared a clip from a very popular Chinese TV show that was held back in November, in 2012, when the truck driver named Zhang Hua, set a new Guinness World Record for Tightest parallel parking truck.

I think that the `category` explains everything! I will just add that we have all seen amazing things being done with trucks, starting from jumps, pulling, and many other crazy things, but when it comes to a display of incredible driving skills, this one is at the very top.

This guy manages to steer and park his big truck into unbelievably small space, into a gap between two other similar trucks, of just 2 feet and 11.43 inches. So just watch the parallel parking truck video and see the whole thing for yourself.

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