WORLD RECORD For Twin DRIFT – 28.5KM by Nissan Middle EAST!

Nissan broke the NEW Guinness WORLD RECORD For Twin DRIFT on a distance of 28.5 KM in Dubai, Middle EAST! Irish James Deane together with the Jordanian Ahmad Daham broke the record with two Nissan’s 370Z.

What`s more fun than one car drifting? Two cars drifting, of course! This was exactly proven by the Irish James Deane and Jordanian Ahmad Daham, who managed to break the Guinness World Records for Twin Drift. Representing the Nissan team, they conducted this maneuver on a pair a pair of Nissan 370Z. They were crowned winners and deservedly so! Watch closely as they perform tricks you and I can only dream of! By the end, there are fireworks in the skies and an applause, showing everyone`s thrilled to have new Twin Drift champions. Hooray, hooray, long live the kings!

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