Check out the FURTHEST FLIGHT That Got In the Book Of Guinness!

It is amazing how things looked back in 1989 when the famous “Back To The Future II” was filmed! The year 2015 was filled with advanced technology and flying cars! People also used HOVERBOARDS. Now, as kids, we grew up watching this movie and praying that one they we will actually OWN one of those Hoverboards and they will, indeed, invent them! Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to inform you that THE DAY HAS COME! Not only are the first HOVERBOARDS invented, but people started to break WORLD RECORDS with them! This time it’s for the furthest flight!

They were presented couple of months ago by famous athletes, singers and skaters such as Moby, Tony Hawk and so on! However, they are now here for normal people, such as CATALIN ALEXANDRU DURU, a guy from Quebec, Canada who had an attempt to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the FURTHEST FLIGHT ON A HOVERBOARD! He used his own PROTOTYPE that he likes to call – THE FIRST REAL LIFE HOVERBOARD! In order to do this right, he had a task to cover more than 164 feet! However, he exceeded this limit and covered about 905 feet as he set the new record! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new record, but more importantly, we have the OUVERTURE of a life that includes HOVERBOARDS!!!

At last, if you want to read more about the real $10,000 Hoverboard, follow this link.