Check This “ONE OF A KIND” DeLorean Collection!

His name is Rich Weissensel and he is the man for whom we can surely say that is the biggest fan of the “Back to the future” movie. Inspired by the 1985 Hollywood blockbuster, Mr. Weissensel has created so far the most creative collection of the legendary DeLorean model, transformed in different versions, from a limousine to a hovercraft. Believe it or not, he has also made one huge monster truck and by that he has taken his DeLorean obsession to a new level. Thus, he now probably owns the largest and most creative DeLorean collection!

Rich has started creating his radical custom cars, after meeting the founder of the model John DeLorean at one car show, 14 years ago. “If you think you can do it, go for it” -- was DeLorean’s quote that was the spark for Weissensel’s passion to start fulfilling his dream.

He has made his custom Deloreans in all shapes and sizes, but according to us, the one that stands out of the crowd is the 26 feet long DeLorean limousine. However, the other magical creations should also not be underestimated, as Rich has invested in them his time and money. Big bravo for his effort and superb DeLorean collection!