Back To The Future With 1969 Danz Camaro Concept!

The first-generation Chevy Camaro can be seen on every car show worldwide. This 1969 model is so popular that many workshops shall offer you to built a brand new model from scratch. This year`s model The General picked to copy the new fifth-generation Camaro concept for 2010. Our reaction when we first saw this creation cannot be described. We just hope that its builder keeps its original parts when sale time comes. Yikes! Maybe you have a different opinion. What do you think of this Chevrolet Camaro here?

Finally, check out this magnificent Camaro!

1969-danz-camaro-ss-concept 1969-danz-camaro_100233983_l 1969-danz-camaro_100233984_m 1969-danz-camaro_100233985_l Chevrolet-Camaro-SS-Modded-to-2010-Camaro-Look-by-Danz-Custom-1969-09KQA585005951@G

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