Tom Bailey’s 1969 Camaro – Fastest Street Car in America (6.9 Sec, 217 MPH) 3 VIDEOS

Many of us have fantasies about having a ridiculously fast ride that we can show to the world! Tom Bailey is living this fantasy! He owns a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that is the fastest street car in America! What makes everything better is that Tom goes around the United States to race with this beast and show everyone what his car is capable of! That is the life many of us can only dream of having! This beast 1969 Camaro owned by Tom Bailey has passed 1000 miles, in 5 days, on 4 tracks and made five 6-second passes!!! This stunning beauty has a fiberglass body and weighs 3050lbs. When Tom first bought the car, it was pro charged, but he decided to change it to be turbocharged. To be precise, this 1969 Camaro has a motor with precision 94 millimeter turbos!  All the customization done to the Camaro resulted in the creation of the fastest street car in America!!

We have collected the best videos from the runs and dyno sessions, check them on PAGE2 and PAGE3!