You have all probably watched “Back To The Future II”. You have probably watched the whole trilogy, but what`s important in the second part are the HOVERBOARDS! We all remember being kids and dreaming of riding one of those things! They looked so smooth, elegant and fun that it seemed nothing in the world could be or feel better! Well, we can finally say that those dreams can now be reality! You have a video where many famous people are trying out the BTTF Hoverboard!

That including the musician Moby, the famous athlete Terrell Owens, the rapper Schoolboy Q and the star of the day – the legendary skater TONY HAWK who actually said that many skaters that are current professionals started skating because of “Back to the future 2” and the Hoverboards! They are all, however, baffled by this technology as well as amazed by the fact that it is actually easy to ride!

Hover engineers say that the BTTF hoverboard has more technology in it than some satellites sent to space do! Many argue that this cannot be true and judging by the amazingness, we cannot be sure either! What do you thing, do these things actually EXIST?!

P.S. The rumors say that the first real Hoverboard will have a debut on 21st October 2015. Read more about that here.