It is no revelation for any of us that Chinese often does totally unbelievable and extraordinary things in many different areas of living, but as far as I`m concerned, I really did not know that they are such maestros when it comes to doing a car stunt. If there are some among you who were also `living in a dark`, here we have one great video that will create a totally different picture about it. It is a video clip from the new Guinness World Record, set by the Chinese pro-driver Han Yue, for the most donuts or drift spins made around a car that is being driven on two wheels, tilted on its side. The result says that Han made ten donuts with his BMW M4 Coupe for whole one minute, around the Zhang Shengjun`s (Chinese Taipei) Mini Cooper.

This ultimately attractive event took place about a month ago, on November 14 in Chongqing, China, even though it was originally planned to happen on November 15. But due to the bad weather forecast -- and for something like this to happen, it is necessary for the ground to be dry -- they have pushed it a day earlier. And it was worth `all that trouble`. Check out the video frоm the event.