TRIPLE Turbo Chevy C10 Diesel Truck! World Record – 8.810 @ 158MPH

After some time, here we are again with one hell of monster drag race Turbo Chevy C10 diesel truck, that is about to rock your world with its powerful triple Turbo Turbo engine. It is in ownership of Brett who has it even since he was only 15 years old, a gift from his father Don. But as you can imagine, this drag monster did not become what it is today over a night and with only few changes, but it took a lot of working hours to get to the point where we are today.

As the Brett is telling the story, it started about 16 years ago when he first got the truck, which later was completely taken apart and started with the restoring process of the body, the engine and everything else. He started with a tune port fuel injected engine and in the next decade, he made many other changes to it, like placing all kinds of different SBC engines inside, like the previous gas engine, which was a supercharged, fuel injected 383 stoker engine. But on the other hand, Brett always had a passion to install a diesel engine and see how it will work.

So in 2009 he managed to get his hands on a Duramax engine, with Allison transmission in it, on which they have added Danville Performance VGT 68 mm. turbo, along with DP EfiLive tuning. But taking to an account that it could only do 11 seconds on ¼ mile distance, they continued to modify it, until they have made a decision to completely build a new engine, with a triple turbo kit. The final result is this drag monster that can do 8.8 seconds at 158 mph at the strip. Check it out!

Finally, check out this Turbo Chevy C10 boosted truck here!

Enjoy the video below!

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