TWIN DRIFT: Ken Nomura Blitz Skyline VS Nobushige Kumakubo!

The Best TWIN DRIFT TANDEM! Ken Nomura ER34 533ps Blitz Skyline VS Nobushige Kumakubo GDB 430ps YUKE’S Team ORANGE!

So far we have shown you a lot of races involving Japanese cars. This time we are about to see again a video with Japanese origin cars and also Japanese drivers! Not only the Japanese are manufacturing great cars, but also they have talented drivers too! Watch this amazing drift race where these two drivers are drifting just inches away from each other! What makes this video even more interesting is manner of commentating the races! The commentators are feeling the race, and trying to present the action as much as possible. Also we see lot of happy faces, meaning everybody`s having a good time.

However, check out this drifting madness!