How to Survive a Road Trip with kids? 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Family Car Vacation!

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Summer is coming, vacations are being arranged. Are you planning on going on vacation? Are you going with kids? Are you going to travel by car? Well, you are not the only one.  94% of people included in a survey conducted in USA have answered that they plan to go on vacation with their families (including kids) and to travel by car. But don`t get stressed out! There are people who have been travelling with more than 2 kids and still spent a nice and enjoyable time in the car. Plus, we are going to give you some tips about the family car vacation!

Check Everything on Your Car and Buy Navigation!

If you are looking for a nice family car to buy, then you should take a look for family vehicles. But, if you are not looking for a new car and planning to go on vacation with the one you have, check everything! Tires, air-control, everything! Since you travel with kids, you certainly would not want to stop in the middle of the trip and pay a visit to a mechanic. It is good to have navigation system or map, but if you do not have that, you can download a free application called “EmergenSee” which will provide you with all road and safety information.

Buckle up Seat Belt for the Kids!

Furthermore, when you check the car, make sure that the child seats are properly installed. The American Academy Pediatricians` recommendation is your children to seat rear facing. Children must always have the seat belt buckled up and in case they are hungry the best solution is to stop for a while, have your kids` needs satisfied and then continue with your trip.

Leave when it is His / Her Time to Sleep and Bring the First Aid Kit!

Then, it is very important to schedule well the time of departure. If your child does not have problems sleeping in the car, then you should leave when it is his/her time to sleep. Another very important thing is to bring first aid kid with you containing the most essential medicaments. If you plan to have your child sleeping during the trip, make sure to provide as much comfort as possible. If you are large family, think about the sitting positions and bring your kids` favorite pillows, stuffed animals etc., not only because your kids love them, but also because they may be a great safety gadget.

Bring Snacks for Your Kids!

You should also bring snacks for your kids, but you should wisely choose the type of snacks. Our advice is to cut down on sweets. Another important remark! It is understandable for a kid to ask to go to the bathroom, during the ride. In order not to face any difficulties bring a small, convenient potty.

Entertain Your Kids!

Another hearty suggestion is to entertain your kids. You can do this by either stopping at different places interesting for children, such as amusement parks, toy stores etc or by thinking of games you can play in the car. Apart from thinking of different games, you could bring the games with you. You can make a playlist of your kids` favorite songs or stories. You can also download some applications such as: 123 Color: Talking coloring book, Funny Road Trip, Meet Woo!, Dr Seuss`s ABC etc.

Make Stops in Fun or Relaxing Place!

You should also forget about long hour drive. You do not have to stop at the usual “pit stops”. You just might find fun or relaxing place where your children would get some fresh air, move a bit and have fun. If you chose to rest in a place which is not in a shadow and you are directly exposed to sun rays you should OBLIGATORILY find a shelter (when hot) or apply a sun cream. If the sun is getting in the car, you can use the car`s protective gadgets. Also, there are companies such as One Step Ahead and Coolibar that make clothes that offer UPF protection.

Feed Your Children at a Certain Time!

And, at the end, we would like to recommend not breaking the habits, meaning if you feed your children at a certain time, stop the car and do that!

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