LEGO V8 Engine Joined By A Six Speed Tiptronic Sequential Gearbox! Your KIDS Are Gonna Love It!

While growing up, the Lego universe was one of the best things. We had Lego bricks splattered all around the floor of our room. Those were like an ocean of landmines for any parent. We took Lego seriously. But, these builders that built this Lego V8 engine or the Lego Pneumatic Engine, take the whole Lego stuff to an entirely different level.

These builders are like a sect of Lego modelers. They use valve pieces and a workhouse pneumatic engine to create functioning engines. They have many engines based on models of larger engines, but they also have custom design engines. These Lego Pneumatic Engines and the Lego V8 Engine are built as single cylinder thumpers. They are built as high revving V8s up to 64 cylinder radial engines.

Check out this amazing video with this LEGO V8 Engine Joined By A Six Speed Tiptronic Sequential Gearbox! This is actually pneumatic V8 LPE motor with several optical modifications! On the second video you can see the engine joined to the tiptronic, sequential gearbox!

Both engines are built from LEGO!
Check the second video on PAGE2 or click HERE!

At last, if you want to see this impressive Lego constructions check out this link!