Full Size Lego Car! This HOT ROD Has An Engine Made From Lego Bricks That Runs on Air!

The video we are sharing with you today is quite amazing! To be honest, we have never seen something like this! Check this unbelievable Full Size Lego Car With an Engine Made From Lego bricks That Runs on Air! Unbelievable, isn`t it? We also had a little trouble believing something like this actually exists, but after watching it in action, all of our doubts were put to rest! Apparently, the creation of this full size Lego car was made possible because of Steve Sanmartino. He is the entrepreneur responsible for the marketing of this incredible project! As for the idea, the credits go to Romanian technology genius Raul Oaida! Steve met Raul on the Internet, and the rest is history! The whole project was crowd funded, and this was done with a single tweet from Steve himself! As luck would have it, 40 patrons (or people who funded the project) answered Steve`s tweet and thus, the creation of the full size Lego car became a reality!

Furthermore, Steve made sure to tell the facts about this incredible project. The Lego engine is consisted of 4 orbital engines and 256 pistons in total and for the complete build of the car, more than 500,000 LEGO pieces were used. The top speed of this LEGO Hot Rod is around 12-18 miles per hour. It was made in Romania, but at the moment is in a secret location in somewhere in Melbourne, Australia. It has a Hot Rod design because Steve thinks hot rods are cool. Nonetheless, this whole project is truly astonishing! This full size Lego car with a Lego engine that runs on air deserves a prize! Because we do not specialize in giving prizes, our way of showing affection for Steve`s and Raul`s work is by sharing a video of their creation! Enjoy people!

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Enjoy the video below!

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