This Lego Shelby GT500 is Built Out of 3500 Pieces!

Who didn’t spent their childhood playing with Legos? We built castles, space shuttles just to tore them down and design something new on our own. Nevertheless, we`ve never built something as good as this creation you see here. This creation was designed by Sheepo`s Garage. They built perfectly detailed Lego vehicles. Here we have a Lego Shelby GT500, built from 3500 Lego parts. What`s amazing is that it can be controlled with a remote. Below, there is a video of this amazing creation, so you can check it out yourselves! The car has a 4-link rear axle, super functional steering wheel, 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes connected to a functional pedal. You haven`t heard all. This car`s doors, trunk and hood can be easily opened and the front seats can fold forward as well.

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