500HP 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby Clone (Gun Metal Grey)

Hold your breath, cause we are about to show you the Muscle Cars World`s pride- The GT500 1967 Shelby Clone-Gun Metal Grey. It`s engine rumbles around 500 horsepower and its fitted with Eagle rods, Shelby aluminum heads, rockers and rollers, as well as Standard crank and Compcams. The engine is a 7 liter V8. -- Photos by Grant Findlay from www.ozwild.com

Its wheels are Intro Custom Alloy Wheels 18×8″ with 245x40x18 Kuhmo Ecsta Sport at the front and 19×10″ with 285x35x19 Kuhomo Ecsta Sport at the rear end. The exhaust system consists of electric windows, billet accessories and alternator, modified engine bay, seat warmers, coil bracket made by it`s owner Pete, seat massage, many gauges that have been modified to capillary oil pressure and water temperature.

On the other hand, the machine has no chrome whatsoever nor battery area. Some alterations were made to the door locks and mirrors. The paint job, as you can see it it`s pretty darn amazing. Its metallic charcoal grey, which in fact is a standard Hyundai color. The interior has also been restored and dressed up so that it looks like it just got out of the store. Pete has put on a new carpet, re-trimmed the seats in Brazilian leather. The basis of the front seat has been removed as well. You can see by the details how much really Pete loves and cares about this car.

After all the modifications, looking like it does now, this 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby Clone went out showing up its new looks. As we know, this beauty has been displayed in Mustang Roundup 2012, where it won the Treasurer`s Award. The way we see it, this baby is on the right track for much more!

Enjoy the video below!

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