LEGO V8 Engine Joined By A Six Speed Tiptronic Sequential Gearbox! Your KIDS Are Gonna Love It!

This particular Lego V8 engine in the video was designed by a builder called Huib van der Hart. It`s an eight cylinder engine sharing one crank. In the middle we have some sort of a crankshaft that causes the engine to operate. The crankshaft acts on air shifts that are pneumatic and are controlling timing for each of the cylinders. These Lego V8 engines are commonly used Lego model cars that are custom made. These model cars have functioning suspensions, transmissions and of course steering systems.

This is all Lego for adults. And while Lego Technic gives build kits for creating a lot of functioning models. This was all Huib van der Hart`s idea. The whole idea and design is his. Who knows how much time and Lego components it took for Huib van der Hart to design this masterpiece.