Life is full of surprises, and that is what it makes it so interesting. It is very similar when it comes to the world of cars, don`t you think? Imagine what would it be if there were only the well known, awesome muscle cars like the 1968 Dodge Charger for example, or perhaps the Nissan GTR Godzilla (or any other that we are used to watch with our mouths open) that we can see in drifting action, or drag racing, and all of the other good stuff we love so much!? A total monotony, that`s right. Here we have a video with one blown Volvo 740 V8, doing a little `behind the barn` drifting warm ups.

It is not a sight that you can see every day, right? According to that little info that we could find about it, this highly modified Volvo has an engine from a 1985 Corvette, and it can generate 750 HP. Besides this drifting action that you will see it doing it in the video below, its owner is also using it for drag racing (even though we have not had the pleasure of watching it yet).

But until we get a video clip from its drag strip performance, check out this one and give us your opinion about it in our comment section below.