Peterbilt Performance, Drag Race, Burnouts And Coal Rolling! Best Moments Of The Fastest Truck!

We are all gearheads here and we know our poison. Burnouts, donuts and drag racing are only some of them. However, have you ever been into truck racing? This video presents the ultimate Peterbilt performance. You know how you get impresses when you see a Camaro or a Mustang do amazing burnouts? Well the excitement can get double as that when you see a huge Semi Truck Peterbilt performance to do it!

Nicolas Gagnon who is a French Canadian is well-known for his passion for truck racing, burnouts and so on! The footage actually presents Nicolas Gagnon`s (Coga) best racing moments. And there is really a lot to see, especially if you are into truck racing! This truck is so powerful that it easily beats a Corvette and a Viper too! You will watch this truck racing with loaded trailer and without a trailer as well. Also, you can refer to the Coga as a smoke producing factory! There is smoke coming out from the exhaust pipes and the burning tires as well! However, we have to bear in mind that no matter how cool the smoke looks, it still harm our environment we live in.

The video has it all. Literally. After seeing this mighty truck, you might even switch to trucks and try competing with this Peterbilt performance. However, the compilation is very powerful. After you watch the drag races, comes the coal burning. After that some drifts and burnouts to feel the real Peterbilt performance!

Drag Racing, Burnout… Show TIME! Anyone? Watch this amazing video with The WORLD’S FASTEST Truck! BEST MOMENTS! What are you waiting for? You are missing a lot by staying here. Go! This is the best Peterbilt truck we have ever seen and probably the fastest!

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