There is a long debate about which one is the best, or who can do it better, is it a Ford, or a Chevy, or perhaps a Dodge truck that will get you out of your shoes once you see it doing its thing and showing off its power capability. But I`m not going to enter that territory and start giving you my opinion on this sour subject for discussion. I think that generally looking, all of those powerful trucks are great (each one a little bit better than the other on certain fields) and that American trucks are the best, maybe only Toyota can pair up in certain aspects, but no others. Thus, we have one great specimen in this awesome looking and ultra – powerful DURAMAX DIESEL TWIN TURBO Chevy truck, specially built for handling every mud challenge out there. And we can see it in full action, ripping up that dirt track in pieces at Dennis Anderson`s Muddy Motorsports Park.

Unfortunately, just like many other times, the author of the video did not provide us with a lot of info about this awesome truck. But when I come to think about it, numbers only do not give us the thing that we can see and feel from a video performance, and this one that you are about to see is exactly that. One hell of a video of a great DURAMAX DIESEL TWIN TURBO at its best!

Anyway, you can find some cool diesel trucks, here!

Enjoy the video below!

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