Optimus 1200HP Dodge Ram 3500 Twin Turbo! I Love This Truck!

If World War III is announced for tomorrow, or some kind of an apocalypse or the new Armageddon were `scheduled` for the near future, than this would be my choice of vehicle to go through those desperate hours and make my way towards survival. This is one of the best looking, most powerful and superior trucks I have ever seen, and I really mean it, there is no exaggeration in it. This Dodge Ram 3500 twin turbo diesel Megacab Dually (Optimus) produces over 1200HP and 2 000+ pounds feet of torque in black that looks like it is about to conquer the whole world.

Unfortunately, we do not have much info about who was working on it, who contributed in the tuning process of this beast. However, these basic facts that we have about it are more than enough to get to know it `second hand`.

And if you ask me, the only thing that should be changed on this state of the art vehicle are those funny looking, small 6` beds. When you have such a robust monster with so powerful image, anything less than 8 foot bed is out of the question.

Watch the video, enjoy it and see what I`m talking about. Finally, check out another amazing Dodge Ram!

Enjoy the video below!

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