Cummins Diesel Truck Goes Amphibious & Gives Wheelie Performance!

To tell you the truth, if someone would have been telling me that there is a guy who can make a wheelie in the water with his five ton monster truck, I would have at least think about whether it is possible or not. It is true that I`m a little bit lacking from a real life experience of this type, an `underwater journey` with big and powerful diesel truck, but regardless of my standing point of view, I think that all of you will agree that this guy named Robby, knows his crew cab Cummins diesel truck as the back of his hand, and is also one hell of good stunt truck driver.

I do not know just how deep that muddy pond is, but I`m guessing that it is deep enough for most of us to drown in it if we decide to pull a stunt like that, but Robby here takes the game to a whole different level. It literally turns that Chevy Diesel into a real amphibious vehicle. Think about what else he can do with it outside the water.

But wait, don`t think about it, just watch the video to the end and watch this incredible young man`s driving skills.

At last, check out the first Cummins truck!