BURNOUT On 2 Cars With 2.5-Ton Diesel Chevy Duramax!

Some people really have that ability to give you a good laughing moments and fun time by making complete idiots out of themselves and the others around them, trying to come up with all kinds of crazy stuff they are ready to do. I`m not saying that what you are about to see in the following video is something like that (even though it looks kind of…), but sure is one hell of a way to show off another, pretty original way of creating a rubber burnouts` clouds of smoke, and destroy a few vehicles in the process. As you have already seen on the intro photo, what we have here is 2.5 ton Diesel Chevy Duramax, doing `a little burnouts` on two cars, or you can also call it one effective way to transform a car into something that awfully resembles a beef stack.

We do not have much of an info to give you about the protagonists of this video, but that really does not matter in this case.

It is one great joke and hell of a good way to take out your frustrations…

Just hear all the fuzz going on over this Chevy Diesel DYNO!

Enjoy the video below!

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