Black & Red Beasty 2014 DODGE RAM 3500! Would You Drive This MONSTROUS Truck?

You know that we always appreciate people`s unique ideas to modify stock vehicles as they motivate us to fulfill our own dream car creation. Well, once again we have that pleasure to introduce you a brand new vehicle custom-made with a very good sense of taste. Say hello to Avorza 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 dually black-and-red edition.

Someone will say that this is just one more stock truck with a new set of rims, bags, changed headlights, grill, tailgate and painted emblems… But no, this truck is the result of a truly gorgeous work and effort that will definitely give you some ideas for your beauty, let`s say 2014 Dodge Ram 3500. The parts that according to us, are outstanding are the taillights and the headlights, which make this truck look like a real beast with the red part around them.

These aesthetic enhancements give nice hints directed at boost performance. But, unfortunately that is not the case. This 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 comes only with styling modifications. Its standard engine is retained, the 6.7 L inline six Cummins diesel. This engine got 350 Horsepower which is also grand. This output is conveyed onto the road through a six speed automatic that moves all of the four wheels.

One thing we wonder about this modified 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 is the interior. We can`t see the interior and so we don`t know if any tweaks happened there. So about the part when it comes to the tuning of the depths we will leave it to your imagination.

If you are also amazed by this project, then you should start saving some money for your next modification or better said conversion of your vehicle into an irresistible machine. Unfortunately, we do not have the information about the value for this kind of set up, but you know you are welcome to make your guess!

We also got to say this video is beautifully shot with music that blends in nicely.
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Enjoy the video below!

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