Would You RENT This Chevy Camaro BUMBLEBEE LIMO?!

This is the world of exclusive things at its best! The video that we have prepared today is featuring one of the most attractive and original limousines in the world (and even beyond), straight out from the world of fantasy and big Hollywood`s screens, Transformers Special Edition Bumblebee Limo, the ten seater yellow Chevy Camaro. And when it comes to Transformers in real life, once again it is happening in Melbourne, Australia.

As you know, it is already a celebrity amongst the movie fans, but now here comes in the real life, a custom built 2013 Chevy Camaro, Transformers Special Bumblebee Limo, right there in the center of Melbourne. Equipped with an entire arsenal of sound and visual effects from the movie, once you find yourself inside this monster limo, you will feel the inner child in you awakening. And it is there, with all the international fanfares and roaring engine, ready for your next big party and special event.

As you will see it in the video bellow, the front doors are flipping up in scissors style, and the rear jet hangar doors are `transforming` with a loud sound system, in order to bring you as close as possible to the spirit of the movie. If you are one of the truly devoted fans, it does not get any more exclusive than this. Just watch the video.

Anyway, check out this little Bumblebee transformer!

Enjoy the video below!

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