LS7 1967 CAMARO Streetfighter VENGEANCE! Evil Looking Machine! Tarantino Style VIDEO!

Here in front of your eyes is a brutally mean, epic car called 1967 Camaro. This beast is owned by Amir a.k.a MR. Totem. This monster is the creation of John Lewis from Garage Zero, a place known for the birth of many amazing JDMs. This car`s motor was built by Vengeance Racing. It has a Precision Metalcraft Manifold  and 427 LS7 forged Motor with custom grind cam as well as T56 6 speed transmission. The chassis, the frame and the body are the work of Garage Zero`s team. Custom built 19-inches NewGen wheels were tucked under the hood, while the whole body was shaved, bumblebee nose was created and custom spoiler and mirrors were also added to finish the whole process. This Tarantino style video truly captures the spirit of this mean looking LS7 1967 Camaro Streetfighter.

This beast has some Corvette components, custom hydraulic system, Mazda RX7 steering column, GTO steering system and so on… As for its performance, it definitely doesn`t disappoint! The LS7 1967 Camaro is shown on a parking lot, where the capabilities of the car can clearly be seen. There is a myriad of traffic cones on the parking lot, and the black Camaro called Vengeance carefully dodges each and every one. This beauty has very good steering, that`s for sure. We shouldn`t expect anything less from a car that has been tuned this much! Although it is a Camaro, it does have many parts from other cars. Nonetheless, our favorite part is the brass knuckle between the rear lights! It might not do anything, but it definitely looks good! To put it simply, this is a remarkable car and we highly recommend you take a look at it! The Tarantino style video makes the whole viewing pleasure even better! Enjoy the show.

Finally, click here to watch a video of one truly mean Camaro!