Extreme Elemento Sesto LAMBORGHINI Testing at IMOLA!

Today we have prepared you a video review from the British fellows from Top Gear, about one of the most attractive luxury sports cars out there, the Italian excellence, Sesto Lamborghini Elemento. The video is from the series 20, and in it, Richard will show and describe us all how it actually feels to get inside one of this awesome supercars and take it out for a spin on the Imola race track.

Sesto Lamborghini Elemento stands for the Sixth Element on Italian, and on the periodic table that is the carbon. So you probably get the picture without me having to tell you that almost every part of this great car has been forged from carbon, except the body of the cart, which is sort of a mixture of plastic and carbon.

And of course, Richard knows very well that when you have such an extreme monster of a car, the only place to test it is on an extreme race track, and in this case, that is the Imola.

The whole video is one out of this world journey, so I suggest you get on right with it and get to know the Sesto Elemento, as it is one of the wildest rides out there. The acceleration from 0 to 62 is on only 2.5 seconds.