Mercury Marine Engine Is Here With Its Massive Capabilities! 1650 Horsepower, 2 Turbos & 4 Valves Per Cylinder!

Mercury Marine engine 2
The Chevy Small Block V8. Probably one of the greatest engines built in history! This engine can be implemented literally into everything. The ultimate go-to-engine for hot rods! Even “Hennessey Performance” implemented one in their fiercely fast Venom GT! Hell, people are even known to put an LS even into MX-5 Miatas! The LS is the perfect engine! So, to try and re-engineer an LS is a very bold move indeed. But, that sure didn`t stop Mercury Marine from trying with their Mercury Marine engine concept and bringing the perfection of the LS engine to a totally different level!

What’s Mercury Marine you may ask? Well, they are only the most badass boat engine builders! Real game changers in their field of work! Mercury Marine has something you probably never heard of, a Quad Cam LS! In broader meaning, this is 4 valves per cylinder, a dual overhead cam, LS!

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Mercury Marine engine 1