1600 Horsepower PT BOAT ENGINE Powers The PACKARD ROYAL!

Wise man once said: Once you go gearhead style, you don`t want to go back! Would you agree with this thought? Hope that you won`t take this for granted because we are just kidding, we made that sentence up, but it is accordance with the video below which inspired us to start this article like this. Anyway, today we want to present you a one-of-a-kind vehicle which is hard to dislike due to its size, power and appearance. Or in one word, originality! Ladies and gents, this is the Packard Royal, 31 feet 6 inches long vehicle that weighs 12,500 pounds! And this is only the beginning! The main creator of this beast, Rodney Rucker, has a long history with heavy vehicles like monster trucks which inspired him to start building monster cars! Anyhow, enough with the chit chat. This monster is set in motion by a 2500cc big Packard V12 motor that was previously powering a PT boat engine from 1940!

A PT boat engine with size like this needs to be well fed, and this one needs 1 gallon of fuel for 1.5 mile! In addition, the Packard Royal is equipped with air ride suspension, air brakes, two transmissions, four radiators, eight cooling fans, two ambulance alternators, two CAT batteries, 6 air tanks and more!

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