We`re all huge fans of Monster Trucks! We seem to know everything about them, we know their engines, their appearance, their torque… But have you ever wondered what kind of Monster Trucks do other countries have? Like let`s say Russia for example! You probably never showed interest about it. Well, it`s about time. The video below shows all kinds of Russian Monster Trucks, and more importantly, you`ll get to see the tires they use! Russia is well-known for its cold winters and massive snowfalls!

The fact that you have all heard about the term `Siberian winter` is more than enough to understand the troubles Russian people are having during that time of the year! So, get ready to experience a little off-road ride in Russia. You will see Trucks that are able to go on snow, soft ground and some which are even able to float on water!!!

However, these ATVs are specially designed to survive in this environment. Thus, they all have HUGE tires capable of driving over soft snow and swamps, where most of the other trucks would probably sink and disappear! Put something warm on, we`re going to Russia!!!

At last, if you are in for some more monster truck action, follow this link!