This MINI RIPSAW ATV Will BLOW YOUR MIND! “Shut Up & Take MY MONEY” Machine!

Ever wanted a vehicle that will make you feel safe, powerful and avoid every barrier that comes in your way? Do you wish you could drive in a straight line without any obstacle?! Take a look at “The Mini Ripsaw”! All-terrain vehicle, or simply ATV built by Howe and Howe. These extreme vehicles fabricators — two identical twins – Michael (Mike) and Geoffrey (Geoff) Howe have amazed us plenty of times with their creativity and knowledge. This time, a new product arose from Howe and Howe`s laboratory in Waterboro, Maine. Based on the `09 Polaris Sportsman 850XP, we present to you – The Mini Ripsaw ATV! We really want to get ourselves one of these after seeing it action! With it, we are certain that any short trip will be much more fun!

It is a very powerful machine, considered to be the World`s fastest dual tracked vehicle. It features large tank treads, enabling it to go over snow, rocks, streams and any other sorts of obstacles! We are sure you have heard so many times about all sorts of “one of a kind” ATVs, but believe us – none of them are as crazy as this one – THE MINI RIPSAW ATV that Mike and Geoff from Howe and Howe built for us along with their helpful associates! Obstacles are all over – check out the Mini Ripsaw! Howe and Howe Technologies definitely know how to make a weird looking ATV. Although we must admit it would be better for the Mini Ripsaw ATV to have more safety features. Nonetheless, this thing still is incredible and it is definitely worth taking a look at! We shall now leave you to enjoy the Mini Ripsaw ATV in action!

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