Alternative SOLUTION For WINTER DAYS! These ZIP TIES Will Help You PULL OUT From SNOW!

We always want to bring unique products to the table and the one that deserves our attention today is the Zip Grip Go – an ideal solution for winter days. We have talked before about the life hacks that simple zip ties can offer you, if you want to change your bike`s tires. However today, these white little things are helping us to survive the cold winter days that force us to deal with slippery roads, ice and snow.

The main problem is that on a snowy surface, we just can`t get enough traction with our vehicles. But here is a solution that will help us handle the very familiar situation when we get stuck with our cars. It is basically a pack of 36 inch long zip ties that have to be fed through the tires. The next step is to just cut off the excess of them and that`s it -- you are ready to continue with your road adventure.

It is a very simple trick for anyone to do and that is the main reason why we like it. So don`t forget that from now on, zip ties are one of the things that have to stay in your trunk. Just in case!

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