Street Legal Harley Davidson With The Worlds Biggest Tire – 360 Vee Rubber And S&S Godzilla engine! Watch The First Dyno Run!

Street Legal Harley Davidson With The Worlds Biggest Tire -- 360 Vee Rubber And S&S Godzilla engine!

We are SURE that you have never seen a bike like this in your whole LIFE!!! This one`s rear tire is so HUGE it needs a separate LANE just for it!!! Looks like this 2 wheel vehicle is safer that some 4 wheelers. We are talking here about a 360 VEE RUBBER TIRE, this one, thank God, is street legal so the rider will not have any problems with it! The bike is AWESOME anyway due to the fact it has an S&S Godzilla Engine as well as a PINGEL air shifter!!! This is its first DYNO TEST RUN excluding NOS – the result is 142 horsepower!

If you take into consideration the size of the rear wheel and of course the overall weight of the entire motorbike, you will see that these 142 horses are not supposed to be underestimated at all! Plus, this raw power combined with the worlds biggest tire is not the only thing that this Harley Davidson bike has to offer. Namely, you might want to adjust the volume of your sound devices before watching the video, of course pump it up, for complete joy while watching this bike tackling the dyno! The sound it produces is like no other before, so smooth yet shows the mightiness of the bike itself! However, don`t let the smooth sound at the beginning deceive you that this bike has nothing more to show. Trust us, it will immediately prove the things we are saying! To be frank, I would love to build a bike with the worlds biggest tire like this one! As a matter of fact, I wouldn`t need a side stand at all! But we have one teeny tiny question: how does it corner? Or, it doesn`t? 🙂