Custom Harley Davidson Night Rod! Take A Look At The Special Custom Harley By Fredy!

Okay boys, it`s time to talk style! This should be your starting point. There are some awesome bikes at Harley Davidson of Kingwood, leading harley-davidson dealership in texas. From there you can start with a bike that is pretty stylized already and customize from there or you can choose something a little more basic and go all out with customizations. Many of us sit at home and think of all the ways to modify their vehicles. No matter if it`s about trucks, cars or motorbikes, putting your own touch in them is something every Gearhead feels proud of!

We have seen some great customized vehicles here at over the years as we finally came to this Custom Harley Davidson! This Night Rod by Fredy will open your eyes widely as you will fall in love with the matt black beast!

Outlaw Wheels helped a lot here with their components as they are the most credited for the 18″x10.5″ rear wheel as well as the 300/35VR18 rear tire! The front wheel is also their merit. The slight smaller 18″x5.5″ front wheel and the 200/50R18 front tire suit the Custom Harley Davidson perfectly! Outlaw Wheels are also credited for the amazing Dual Front Brake!

Cruising down the street with this Custom Harley Davidson is a real treat for everyone! The paintjob on this one is purely amazing as it looks like Batman`s bike itself! Fredy Design Parts did a real cool job with their accessories such as the front and rear brake rotors which are among the best!

The exhaust system is truly STUNNING since as the sound manifests greatly through the magnificent headlights which together combine a perfect harmony!

This cool bike will make you feel like a king on the streets since the boys from Fredy made sure to put cool accessories! Speedo housing, triple trees, pivot shafts are only some of them along with rear fork, front and rear axle, tail lights and of course, the most important thing for everyone, regardless the simplicity – the seat! Check out this magnificent Custom Harley Davidson!

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