HARLEY DAVIDSON Cologne From Germany Will Blow Your Mind!

I`m pretty much sure that you have all heard the expression, or the saying to be more exact, that “the picture is saying a thousand of words”, right? Well, in the following case, which refers to the video clip below that you are going to see in today`s article, this would be a hundred percent true. And the reason for that is not just because of that awesome and totally jaw-dropping Harley Davidson Cologne that you will see, but also because the entire clip is in German, and there is no translation to it.

However, we will give you a short info about it. This breath taking, futuristic beast of Harley motorcycle is a product of designer Christoph Madaus from Cologne, that’s why we call it HARLEY DAVIDSON Cologne, who had spent 12 years working on it. It is powered by two Harley-Evolution engines, mounted in the chassis, which he also designed it himself, just as pretty much everything on this awesome bike.

This custom Harley bike has astonished every motorcycle connoisseur who had seen it, and it is a winner of numerous awards all over the world. Those two engines are giving power to 160 HP and 200 pound feet of torque, which combined with that 6.5 foot long wheel base, makes it a perfect two-wheeled machine, which every Harley aficionado would love to have!

Now check out the video and see this awesome machine in action! And if by some case you know German and you want to find out much more details about this great bike, go to this link.