6-Year Old Boy Rides a Huge Harley Davidson! Coolest or Dumbest Dad in the World?

Every time I see a video like this, it makes my heart sing and gives me a feeling of happiness, watching little kids developing their love for daddy`s favorite toy, which will soon become his. If you ask me, there won`t be a long time until we see this little fellow`s first video in which he will blast away his new favorite toy on two wheels, don`t you think so? Well, probably it will not be a huge Harley monster such as this one in the video, but everyone has to start somewhere. And this little fellow`s start is pretty impressive. He seems to have a natural talent for riding bikes, and we will undoubtedly hear more from this kid in the near future.

Being only six years old, riding with daddy on his big Harley Davidson, wind blowing in the face and hair, what else could possibly sound more optimistic? And as you will see it for yourself in the video, this kid really drives it, he is not just posing there in his daddy`s lap but grabs the wheel firmly and starts hitting the road, as the only thing left to do for his father is to make sure that camera is operating well and the video turns out to be just fine. And we can say that they are both doing a great job. Furthermore, the desert is probably the best place to let your kid ride your bike. There is no traffic at all, so all that you can do is blast that huge Harley Davidson and enjoy the road! Although, for safety reasons, it would be better for the kid to have a little bit more protective gear on him, not just a helmet. With that being said, we leave it to you to watch the video. Take a look!

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