Check Out Steve “Doc” Hopkins’ Ultimate 10 Seat Harley Davidson!

I`m sure that some of you have probably already seen this crazy looking 10 seat Harley Davidson motorcycle, and watching it again in action, rolling down the strip, or a parking lot, is one of a kind experience that never gets boring. This one of a kind bike for ten persons was built some 5 years ago, back in 2009, and it is a dream coming true for Steve “Doc” Hopkins of Missouri, who is a true and devoted fan and follower of the Harley Davidson bikes.

The 10 Seat Harley Davidson is called “Timeline”, it is almost 25 feet long and it has accommodation for no less than even ten people, and as you can imagine, it sure has a unique style of carrying them. Steve is actually Harley Davidson dealer, who always had a dream to bring together a few legendary HD engines at one place and built one original Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Ever since its `birth`, this bike has been to a lot of places throughout North America and Europe, and as you can presume, it is a real attraction wherever it appears. Because of its construction and specific driving requirements, Timeline is only good for big highways and other as straight as possible roads. And I think it is only understandable.

At lat, this bike here has two Harley Davidson engines!

Enjoy the video below!

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