Harley Davidson Bagger Road Crash! Guy Just Stands Up Like Nothing Happened!

We always get the blues when we see such a great looking ride ending up rolling over and gettting wrecked. Luckily, this guy and his great Harley did not have such a bad finish and did not end up in the hospital or at the junkyard. There are still a lot of miles ahead of both of them and plenty of other opportunities to show off in front of the camera objective. From what we can see in this short video, this guy got a little bit carried away and lost the balance in the moments when he was entering that small curve on the road. Even though these accidents can go very wrong, this guy was quite lucky! His Harley Davidson Bagger apparently crashed, but he didn`t sustain any injuries at all! As a matter of fact, he continued walking like nothing happened!

His problems were actually caused because of his saddlebags (or in this case, boxes) that were simply too big and placed too low, so he started scratching the asphalt with them, and even though he was not riding at high speed, the whole situation ended up with a crash! Well, when you are riding a Harley Davidson, you cannot expect to have the same maneuvering abilities like the Honda CBR, especially in the curves, right? Sometimes things do not end up the way you plan. At the very least, this guy will continue driving his Harley Davidson Bagger when it is fixed. Plus, the only protective gear he was wearing was the helmet on his head, and not getting any injuries after a bike crash can definitely be considered as victory! We are certain he will be more careful next time, and he will probably put his saddlebags a bit higher too! Watch the video and learn from his mistakes!

Unlike this Harley rider, these guys suffered some injuries! Watch that situation here!