Insane Sleeper Honda CBR1000 SMOKES 900HP Nissan 240SX !

Check out this amazing video! This Insane Sleeper Honda CBR1000 SMOKES a 900HP Nissan 240sx! Definitely the Fastest street CBR 1000 in the Southeast! We love racing videos where the underdog comes out victorious over the favorite! This is just one of these videos that teach us to never underestimate our opponent! Even though it is a bike, the sleeper Honda CBR1000 shows that it is an incredibly potent opponent! This is probably one of the best biker vs. driver videos you have seen so far! We know how much attraction these kinds of races get so here is another one for you! We have a TRC`s 900 horsepower NISSAN 240sx, with a STOCK MOTOR 2JZ Precision 7175 35PSI On the other hand, as the fearsome opponent, we have the CBR1000 HONDA which engine mode remains UNKNOWN, but it is definitely powerful! Anyway this one is perfect, it is the fastest one in the Southwest and it sure proved it here!

As for the race itself, it was unlike anything we have ever seen! The video starts with the Nissan 240sx showing its power at a ¼ drag track. It crossed the finish line after 8.84 seconds with a speed of 158 miles per hour! This shows us that this Nissan 240sx is no joke! After warming up the tires, the Nissan 240sx goes head to head against the sleeper Honda CBR1000, which is driven by a skillful driver! Everything was normal, until they started racing! In a surprising turn of events, the Honda CBR1000 stormed off in front and the Nissan 240sx was powerless! In the slow motion, we can see the biker just barely lifting the front tire, maximizing his acceleration! Astonishing! Take a look at this biker -- driver race and enjoy the footage! Please like it and share it before you go!

And last but not least, since this is all-Japanese race, we would like to suggest you to visit this link so you can read more about the Keirin -- Japanese brake-free bike race!