Volvo vs Honda! 677HP VOLVO C70 Vs 180HP HONDA CBR1000!

I do not know whether you will agree with it or not, but I think that most of you are probably aware that there is this general opinion that motorcycles are faster than the car. Yes, we have seen numerous and various video clips, and live drag races, which are proving this to be right. Of course, there are the opposite ones, but in a smaller number. However, if you ask me, I cannot give a straight and definite answer to that question, so I will have to go from one race to another, and probably try to analyze the opponents. Here we have a Volvo vs Honda video.

It features one of the fastest and very famous bikes, a 2007 Honda CBR1000 that is boosting 180 HP, racing a car which I`m guessing it would raise a lot of skepticism about its racing capabilities, a Volvo! But hold on for a minute, because this Volvo is not one of those that are highly recommendable for pregnant women from the suburbs, but a highly tuned example of Volvo V70 which is powered by a motor that boosts exactly 677 HP!

Unfortunately, we do not have much more of info about the Volvo, but I even though I know that this will be a spoiler, I will tell you that the Volvo will save the honor of all the cars that are drag racing fast as hell bikes.

But do not worry, there is a lot more to see in the video below, that will keep you stuck to the monitor and give you the proper dose of fun! So check out the Volvo vs Honda video and enjoy it!

And for those of you who want to find out more about the Volvo C70, go to this link.