See Its Dumper & Excavator Playing Around! This Is CRAZY!

A video that every truck lover and especially a construction worker must see! This footage is suitable for the construction workers that drive trucks at work, and can be a good suggestion to the boss to improve the vehicle park. We have to present you a very cool new machine made by the Swedish company VOLVO. We are talking about the VOLVO DUMPER A30G. It is one excavator playing all over the place!

This excavator playing truck is recorded at a fair in Germany. At the beginning of this recording you can immediately see the capabilities of this amazing truck at its first test. There are a couple of holes that the A30G must get into and here comes the real deal! You can see how the back of the truck is perfectly flat while the wheels are in the holes! This way there is no spilling of the cargo. Now it is time for the FUN part! When the A30G starts going around the pile of dirt, the excavator bends the rear part of the dumper to an angle that is almost 90 degrees without a chance to flip! Great! This is how a perfect coordination between two colleagues looks like.

Plus, if you want to see one more Volvo crazy vehicle, this time an A25D Dump Truck that does an uncontrolled drift, follow this link.