Extreme Trucking & Mudding! 5 Ton ARMY TRUCK Saves the Day!

I know that we have all seen many different and interesting situations which are involving different types of trucks, either having fun, or in deep trouble in the mud, but it seems that there is always room for more. Especially when it happens for us to stumble upon a video clip with an old 5 ton Army truck, pretty much modified and reinforced, which can be described as a real monster, by all means.

In the case of this `Swamp Thing`, the 5 ton army truck has bobbed chassis and probably some 50 inch tractor tires, and I got to tell you, it really looks terrifying. No matter how old it is, if it is still able to yank all sorts of things from the mud bogs, capable to crash an entire village, then it is one of those things that we would love to have as a friend. And if its owner and driver decides to take it into some of the well known mud events, it is sure that it probably will be the slowest thing moving through the mud, but I`m sure that there is nothing that can stop it!

Today you will get to see this monster in a really tough mud bogging, and I think that you will all get to feel its ultimate power, as it is working to budge that Ford truck out from trouble. Pretty impressive!

So check it out and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below. And if you want to see other trucks in some hardcore mudding, click here.