Extraordinary Chameleon Ford Truck 150 on 32″ Starr Wheels!

Check out this amazing Chameleon Ford Truck 150 on 32″ Starr Wheels on the 1080p HD video bellow!

When talking about standing out in public, there is definitely now better example than this one! A 2008 F-150 Ford Truck showed us what it takes to be the one that everyone looks at – a real eye catcher!!! With a chameleon paint, that fades from black to green, blue, purple and even gold it sure has the right to be called – the KING! It came down spinning on its 32″ Starr RIMS and is so CLEAN that you could use it as a mirror! An F-150 Ford has never looked this DOPE, and this is another proof what people can to to their cars to make them special! Much LOVE!!!

Slick! Very custom. Got some money put in that truck! See how the color is changing!

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