EXTREME Truck Mudding! Feel The Struggle Between These Totally Insane Guys And The Unbeatable Bounty Hole!

There are mud holes and there are MUD HOLES! This one, that you are about to see in the following video, is one of those hard core challenges that almost always ends up with the truck and the driver getting stuck in the mud and walk away with the tail between their legs. This terrordome for every powerful monster truck out there `ready to handle every mud hole in the world`, is located in southeast Texas, near the city of Pineland, and believe me when I say that until you watch this video, you did not know what the mud hole challenge is all about. This is the extreme truck mudding!

And I know that there are many who would say that it is a redneck thing and nothing else matter. But have you ever been outdoors with your SUV, or a car, or whatever, and if it happened to run into a dirt road, full of mud and water, that it is time for your loving vehicle to show off just how good it is.

Do not get me wrong, I`m also not mad about mud holes and stuff like that, but I can not deny the fact that it is the best way to test the power and endurance of a vehicle.

And this Chevy truck shows much and more! The suspension is proving to be astounding! This truck`s suspension can handle the messy mud terrain without bouncing off bumps at all! The suspension of this powerful truck must be made out of coil-spring rather than leaf springs. Because the coil-spring is much lighter. And, for extreme truck mudding, a light truck is an efficient truck.

Beside the suspension and the immense horse and torque power this truck has, its axles are worth mentioning. This guy made sure to implement axles that can sustain all that rubber! The axles won`t be able to endure all that hard mud if not properly modified!

Therefore, we are giving you this video where those two qualities are being put on a test of a lifetime.

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