Twin Turbo Chevy Apache Truck! Is He Anxious to Blow the Engine?

Check out this amazing Chevy Apache truck Twin Turbo customized by Hale’s Speed Shop located in Lewisville, Texas! It seems to me that this guy is Anxious to Blow this Engine in order to replace it with a New One…
In the first of the two videos you are going find out what`s hiding under the hood of this old school truck. Not only the big stuff like 60mm JDM turbo and the supercharger but also the other little things which this car would not be what it is without them. In addition, you can see it driving on the road and burning some tires. The second video here is actually a recording of both the exterior and interior of this 1958 Chevy Apache Truck. In the first video we were looking at the machine, now we are looking at everything else.

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Finally, see what happens when a Chevy goes mad!

Enjoy the video below!

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