Welcome To The Best Mud Hole! The Real Ordeal And Adventure Destination For Every Off Roader!

Talking about the mud that crawled out straight from the most horrific pits of hell?! It does not get any worse than this, believe me! When it comes to the most challenging mud holes, where trucks are pulling and struggling with every last power cell of their mighty engines, the River Rats` pipeline is the real deal. This best mud hole in River Rats is like the Everest for off road adventurers.

The Sabine River Rats` pipeline, near Marshal in Texas, is well known and for many, it is The favorite mud hole where one proves its worth, where only the best of the best can survive this extreme mud ordeal.

The video that you are about to see is from the last year`s Spring, when there was so much mud that it seemed like it was going to swallow all of those big and mighty trucks. During the whole day, trucks made every possible attempt and approach to pull the pipeline and finish it from beginning to end.

Although many of the trucks went a bit around the pit instead of going right through, they still did a fantastic job. Because, there is a vast amount of mud everywhere! We didn`t say it was the best mud hole for nothing!
Those trucks that went right into the center of the best mud hole got terribly stuck. After getting stuck in that hellish mud hole many of them tried to get unstuck buy flinging a lot of mud.

However, flinging mud only got them more stuck! But, we can understand that whole flinging mud thing. It`s a great show. Because, if you get stuck why not at least fling some mud for a good show? And while doing so, you can maybe hit bottom or find traction that will get you unstuck.

As you will see, many have failed, but there are those who proved themselves to be worthy of this extreme challenge!

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