Huge & Powerful Trucks Getting Wild in the Mud! DOPE VIDEO!

When you are In for a combo of big & powerful trucks and a field range, full with water and mud for maneuvering and showing off driving and drifting skills, than it is clear that we have an interesting and exciting video to watch.

The event you are about to see is taking place at a “Trucks Gone Wild event at Louisiana Mudfest, Colfax” where different types of vehicles are testing their power, endurance and the driving skills of the competitors. The initial plan (as previously scheduled) for the programme of the event was to have a levee jump competition in the morning.

But as the show and the participants got deeper into the contest, the whole thing spanned in the afternoon hours and the trucks started to give their best on different levels.

Five main roles in the video you are about to see are given to the following trucks: Terry Kirl, Chaz Tassin, Stroked Out, The Hulk and Hell Boy. I`m sure that you will enjoy in what these guys has to offer as much as I did, because anyone who is into serious power, driving in the tough conditions and making a spectacle out of it, will definitely like this one.

Finally, check out these truck rankings!

Enjoy the video below!

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