KOENIGSEGG New AGERA RS @ 2015 Geneva Motor Show!

Thank you for being with us all this time as we hope we`ve been good reporters by delivering the very best and all the fresh news from 2015 Geneva Motor Show!!! So, let`s take a look at the New Agera RS, shell we? The Swedish manufacturer of high-performance cars brought the more potent version of the already well-known Agera supercar! However, this year`s Agera RS is a way more extreme version of its predecessor! Last Agera version had the extremely powerful 1.140 horsepower, the AGERA RS will, however, surpass it!!!

However, Koenigsegg`s “One:1” is keeping the number one position when it comes to speed! But the Swedish manufacturer really surprised at this year`s gathering. We know you are probably eager to see the walk around this magnificent BEAST so, please, feel free to do so by clicking on the footage below! Stay tuned with musclecarszone.com!!!

To watch the Koenigesgg new Agera RS walkaround, go below the photo gallery!