Here Are The 10 MOST EXPENSIVE Things In The World!

We didn`t choose the video with the 10 most expensive things in the world just because the first thing in it is a car, but that is just how things go. So let`s begin.

World`s most expensive car is a 1963 Ferrari GTO Racer. It costs $52 million, and this price is 49% increase than any other auto sale. Next, world`s most expensive smartphone has been sold to a Chinese businessman for $16.5 million. It is a uniquely handcrafted IPhone, with 26 carats diamond home button, more than 600 white diamonds covering the chassis, and 53 additional recreating Apple`s logo.

The most expensive burger in the world was sold for $332 thousand. It was created by a Dutch scientist in a lab. Furthermore, you can sneak a peak in the world`s most expensive thing ever sold online! It is a 405 foot long yacht which was sold on eBay for $140 million. This yacht has everything, you can practically live there permanently. While we are talking about luxury stuff, we are going to mention the world`s most expensive hotel room. It is a question of $80 000 a night room in hotel “President Wilson” in Geneva. Check out the video for the full list of the 10 most expensive things in the world!

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