Volvo Car HIT Humans Directly During PEDESTRIAN DETECTION TEST!

We live at a time when technology, (or should we say artificial intelligence), is present at nearly every segment of our lives. Starting from the mobile phones, then going towards the smart appliances in our homes, and all the way to the newly produced vehicles. Of course, these are just some examples. Anyhow, here are couple of questions: Do you think we rely too much on it? Should we use our own capacities more? You may wonder what made us ask these questions. The answer lays in the pedestrian detection video below.

And before you watch it, our piece of advice would be – RUN AWAY from an accelerating car! No matter what kind of sensors it has, or the level of technology implemented, do not act as a test dummy! It may be disturbing, like this particular occurrence. So what actually happened? A group of people are testing the “pedestrian detection and auto-braking” system of a Volvo XC60. However, there is a problem. This particular car was not actually equipped with this functionality – according to Volvo – which costs more money. Nevertheless, our opinion is that it is not the company`s fault. Even if the car had such an option. Point made – hide yourself if a car is going towards you! Jeez!

Plus, click here if you want to read what the company said right after the accident.