BOEING Jet Vertical Takeoff! Like A ROCKET: Plane Takes Off VERTICAL To The Soil! Some May Find This Video DISTURBING!

Of course, what you are about to see in the video is not a normal thing, and the pilot does this Boeing Jet Vertical Takeoff in a form of a stunt, no passengers are in there, of course!

BOEING Jet Vertical Takeoff Like a rocket 2

According to statistics, air traffic is the safest way to travel on Earth, judging by the lowest number of accidents and fatalities. Despite that, there are still people who are afraid to get on the plane and prefer to take the car, or some other way of transport. Well, after seeing this Vertical Takeoff Boeing Jet Vertical Takeoff video, we kind of get why some people are disturbed! Although, we found this ART, not something to be afraid of, but you know how people are!  Also, there are people who are OK with air travelling, but everything changes once they approach the airport. Anyhow, hope that we won`t discourage some of you, and change your perspective about air traffic with the following video.

Here, you are about to witness a rather unbelievable sight of an airplane take off at almost 90 degree angle! It is not a small, one propeller engine aircraft, but a BOEING 787-9 DREAMLINER! This plane was part of the 2015 Paris air show, and the recording below is a sequence of its rehearsal. The STUNT is performed by a professional team. Moreover, with this operation we can clearly see how powerful this aircraft actually is! We haven`t seen anything like this with a passenger airplane of this size ever before! Truly an astonishing endeavor! This is so worth seeing in a lifetime, check out the crazy stunt and be impressed!

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